RELEASE - Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai (BluRay)

tl;dr: BD 1080 x264 FLAC
TS, ED: me
Translation: Kindly provided by Erai-Raws™
Video, Audio: Moozzi2 (see below)
Nyaa | Mediainfo | screens and more info below


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A facelift of sorts. While there’s not much difference between various available versions, especially for an untrained eye, Moozzi2’s 1080p rip offers the best experience currently available, and I doubt that will change. I decided to go with FLAC audio converted from provided DTS-HD MA instead of said DTS-HD or provided FLAC for couple of reasons - to make sure that said FLAC was not converted from DTS core and to save some space (as a bonus my FLAC also contains low frequency channel from DTS source). Thanks to that resulting files are not that much bigger than theyr web counterparts. I also wanted to remux them with no credits OP and ED, but the ones from Moozzi2’s rip have couple of frames of just black at the end of them. According to couple of peeps I asked about this that’d be quite annoying, and removing those frames loselessly would be problematic to say the least (no keyframes before them) so enjoy sunshine the credits. If you are interested in NCOP/ED and other extras they are available in original torrent (might reupload them to mega or something in case the torrent dies).

If you are interested in just the .asses, or maybe want to slap them onto 720p rip, I uploaded them to mega for your convenience (fonts included).

As always, enjoy. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

Sep 10, 2019