RELEASE - Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai

tl;dr: WEB 720p x264 AAC
TS, ED: me
Translation: Kindly provided by Erai-Raws™
Video, Audio: see above
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More info

This is basically a fixed/improved version of Sentai’s translation:

  • Leona and Kirie now have proper names
  • Decapitalization (heh) of names in eps 02 and 03
  • OP/ED lyrics (English + romanji)
  • Chapters
  • Signs
  • Pleasant to look at styling™
  • Some punctuation and very minor translation changes
  • Spelling errors and alignment issues (hopefully) fixed
  • Timing adjustments

Batch changes include fixing some weird/unnecessary linebreaks, correcting wrong episode title in eps 08 and 09 and higher bitrate video for episodes 01 to 03, which was released by Eraibros at a later date.

Patches (excluding eps 01~03 for obvious reasons) available here: Mega.

Place these in folder with mkvs. Xdelta3 for windows is included, just run patch.bat. If you are on Linux you know what you’re doing.


Apr 1, 2019